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Buy Bracelet Online

Bracelet is a jewelry piece adorned by men and women on their wrist, since ages. In prehistoric times, it was worn as a superstition to ward off evil. Centuries later, it began to symbolize warrior-hood such as kada bracelet or kada bangles. Slowly with the change of eras and beginning of modern times, bracelet began to symbolize – wealth, power and style. But, how just a gold or platinum string around a wrist symbolizes such things?

Basically- a bracelet, bangle or any other accessory gives a visual clue about your personality.  Such as, a subtle gold alloy bracelet expresses wealth, whereas stacked colorful bracelet reflects the colorful mood.   

So, choose the right bracelet -whether metallic, nylon or leather- that adds elegance to your dress and personality. Want to know how?

Here it is

The foremost important thing to consider while buying bracelet or bangle is your wrist, arm and hands. For small wrist, the good choice of bracelet for men could be a sleek wrap, camouflaging and styling the wrist at the same time. While for women, advice would be to go for a wider frame with a small dangler that can accentuate the wrist. A sleek bracelet or bangle will make the wrist look smaller. So it is not advisable!!!

But, how can I know the right wrist size?

Usually, women bracelet size is seven and men bracelet size is eight. To know yours specifically, measure the size of the wrist with the measuring tape and add approximately one inch to it. It will give you the perfect size for the bracelet or wrist band.

Second comes the bracelet style and design – There are numerous bracelet styles such as pearls, beads, leather, metallic, layered , stacked , bangle bracelet or charm bracelet. They can add or spoil your luxe-Boho look. So, it’s important to choose the right one to perfect the look.

If you want a Bohemian look, an antique looking bracelet or leather doubly wrapped is a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for an elegant, pious look - go for metal - yellow, rose gold, platinum or sterling silver. A simple delicate pearl bracelet can also be a good choice.

You can also, style and accessorize your outfit with personalized charm bracelets to have edgy look. If you are supporting a cause or want to anchor a thought, the best are customized or engraved bracelets.

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