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Jewellery Boxes

Buy Jewelry Box for your precious buys

Jewelry is a greatest possession. There are lots of emotions and sentiments attached to each piece.  Whether, an engagement ring or mom’s pendant necklace, all are special and close to our heart. And, thus we always want to preserve them in their original way, for long!!!  But, how can we keep the jewelry safe and secure?

To keep jewelry in a good condition, safe and secure it’s best to store them in a Jewelry Box in an organized fashion. There are, jewelry boxes specifically designed for different jewelry piece. Such as to keep rings, there are ring box or ring cases, similarly to store bangles there are bangle boxes. These jewelry boxes help to keep the tiny pieces safe and organized.

There are huge range of jewelry boxes available based on material and utility. Here is how to pick the right one for your invaluable precious possessions of diamond, gold or silver jewelry.

Jewelry pieces are very finely crafted and thus are very delicate, if kept loosely they can entangled into each other and get damaged or loose. So, to keep them in good condition, the best way is to keep them in box such as velvet ring box, ring case, bangle box or trinket Box.

For a gold jewelry – a ring or a bracelet – that you wear daily, choose a clear glass jewelry Box.  A transparent see through glass, gives an instant look into the tiny pieces. It is not wise to keep a precious stone or diamond jewelry in such an open box.

For Diamond Jewelry, buy fabric case such as velvet box or case for diamond necklace set with earring and ring. It’s best to keep diamond piece separate from other as it can damage other pieces. Diamond being a hardest substance tends to scratch other jewelry pieces.

For a wedding jewelry, there are boxes specially designed for the occasion with the theme. Engagement ring in box always adds to the charm of wedding. For perfect engagement ring box, you can also choose shimmering engagement ring box or custom ring box. Your grandmother vintage ring box is also a good option.

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