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Buy Necklace Set from Giftipedia

Necklace is a piece of jewelry generally worn by women, though men do wear them!!! But, as an accessory.

It’s so amazing to see how wonderfully a necklace set can enhance beauty. It not only adds to the dull outfit but helps in making unique style statement. Whether, a statement necklace, layered necklace, long chain personalized name necklaces with pendant, customized necklace or mangalsutra; all symbolizes and define personality. The history of necklace proves it all.

Let’s see how?

In the early centuries, durable vines, small wood artifacts, feather or small cloth piece were stringed together in the form of long necklace. The tinge of nature in every piece, symbolizes the love and respect for the nature. It further evolved in the Neolithic era. Shells and beads necklace dominated this era and subsequent era for quite well. With the beginning of Bronze Age and discovering of metallurgy technique, metal like gold, silver and platinum began to monopolize the necklace design and styling. In the modern era, necklace designs have evolved to customized or personalized styling, inspired by the fashion and trend.

So, what are types of necklace available in the modern era?

According to the length there are approximately six kinds of necklaces, namely –

Choker necklace – the choker necklaces height ranges from 14 inch to 16 inch. It rest on the neck. It’s best to team up them with your retro-style outfit.

Princess Necklace – A little larger than chokers, princess necklace have a height of 18 inch to 20 inch. These necklaces rest on the collar bones and goes well on all height and body type.

Matinee necklace – the further long in the height, say from 20 to 24 inch are often styled with closed neck outfit. As it collides with neckline, it should be avoided over strapless outfit.

Opera necklace – it is a necklace falling just above the waist length, with the height ranging from 26 to 28 inches. It emphasizes a tall frame, so if you want to flaunt your height, pick one of the amazing pieces.

Rope Necklace – it is a long necklace with an elongated chain approximately 36 inches, reaching waist or below it. Again it is a great option to flaunt height.

Tip -Always, have the right length of necklace according to your height.

Apart from these, what are making trend are statement necklaces, designed specifically to sophisticate the outfit. The versatility of it suits all. Another statement making necklace is magalsutra. Mangalsutra are worn by married women, symbolizing the scared thread of marriage and commitment. It is high in value and significance. There are many gold plated Mangalsutra design online, at giftipedia, available for the D-day.

In all, Necklace is just not an accessory but have a lot of sentiment and emotions attached to it. Once worn, it creates a strong vertical and horizontal statement, thus it is important to pick the right one that enhances your personality. Giftipedia have a wide range of choker necklaces, long chain necklaces with pendants, personalised necklace, multicolored necklace, gold plated necklaces with innumerable necklace design. Buy necklace set combo online or sukkhi alloy gold plated kundan necklace set from giftipedia.