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White Bead Necklace For Women Sale

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Buy Chocker Necklace Online

Chocker necklace is a string of metal or fabric, with or without pendent, adorned high on the neck, resting above the collar bone. This jewelry piece is back with the bang, with the resurgence of the 90’s trend.

But, this is not the only reason, why certainly you can see almost everyone on the street flaunting a dashing look with a choker.

Then, what it is making it gain the fashion spotlight?

It’s certainly the legacy and ease, it inherent in delivering the - bold, romantic, cool or jeweled- look.  It inundates the independence, to pair with swimwear or formal attire. It’s no more just a 90’s come back or ode to a vintage style. With the twist and turn, it has very much become the trend of today which is definitely here to stay for long!!!

But before adorning a classy look with choker necklace, it’s more than appropriate to know, its amazing cultural legacy.

Or, how basically the trend started?

As, we all know it’s a part of Switzerland traditional dress. But what many don’t know is that why this neck piece has been such a significant part of the culture.

So the story goes like this,

At the high altitude of Alps, there is deficiency of iodine which causes a goiter. To hide the lumps, necklaces were adorned around or close to the neck. A slim strip of fabric or metal wrapped, saved them from humility and at the same time aroused boldness and delicacy.

Though, choker necklaces were ‘must have’ in the ancient culture, with the time the trend has witnessed its own cycle of in and out. In this century, again, it has managed to lure and win accolades for its duality of concealing and highlighting at the same time.

Chokers, unlike other necklaces never miss a visual appreciation competing the embellishment or adornments of the outfit. Standing close to the neck- subtle and ostentatious, it suggests romanticism and simultaneously portrays power - feminine ferocity.

During 90’s the choker necklace design was much of stretchy type. Today, choker online collection has velvet ribbon, twisted metal or long necklace fashioned into chocker. Choker has been recreated to different style and design, suiting to all – celebrity or student. Slowly, it is merging and encompassing virtues of the century- disassociating from the 90’s ‘cool look’ to ‘key item’ of the today.

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